Private lessons

Individual and flexible Group Instruction

You would like to learn a language on the basis of topics that are of special interest to you and at your own pace?

Or you would like to have individual group instruction together with your family, friends or colleagues from work?

Individual courses and flexible group courses are tailored to individual needs and are suitable for all age groups and purposes (e.g. exam preparations, preparation for trips abroad and professional objectives.

At the beginning of every course of individual instruction or flexible group training we inquire in detail about your wishes and aims for the course and determine your current level of language knowledge. Following this we are able to develop along an individual and tailor-made training program specifically for you.

In individual courses you determine the course length, number of hours per lesson, the learning contents and learning pace. Here you have the undivided attention of the teacher so that you can obtain the best learning results in the shortest time. And, in addition to the flexibility in course content, you also have the option of individually determining lesson times.

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Number of units 1 person 2-5 persons
1-9 45 Euro 50 Euro
10-19 42 Euro 47 Euro
20 or more 40 Euro 45 Euro
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