German for Job Seeking

Success in your profession

You are looking for a job in Germany? The language school zum Ehrstein has set up courses for special individual training to support foreign specialists seeking work in Germany.

The course consists of the following modules:

Personal Assessment (90 min.)
Your personality, your competencies, your goals. Together with you, we investigate what your strengths are, how your personality fits to your professional goals, and how you can attain them in Germany. You will learn a comprehensive vocabulary describing your personal traits and competencies.

Curriculum Vitae (180 min.)
You will learn how to write a proper German CV with respect to its content and design. We teach you how to make your CV more attractive; what you should and should not include. We help you to translate your present CV into German.

Cover Letters and application folders (120 min.)
Form, content and design: In this module you will learn how to formulate an inquiry about job opportunities and how you can awaken the interest of a prospective employer. In addition, you will receive a number of practical tips on how to design and what to include in your application folder.

Different ways of applying (120 min.)
Telephone inquiries, unsolicited applications, social networking and electronic media
Telephoning is a special challenge for foreign speakers. We will show you how it’s done and train you for the different situations you will meet by means of role play. You will learn how to send unsolicited applications, how you can use social networking to find a position, and what media are most useful when looking for a job.

Searching for a Position (90 min.)
We offer our support in your search for a position in the South Upper-Rhine region or, on request, in all of Germany. We will supply you with tips and addresses for your search.

The Job Interview (120 min.)
Presenting yourself, conversation and answer strategies
This module has the following aims: teaching you how to present yourself, preparing you for all possible questions including provocative or misleading questions. Training practice will be done by means of role play.

Required language level: finished B1 or higher, depending on career aspiration.
Price for the program:
German for Job Seeking 672 Euro

On request you can also book individual modules. Price on request.

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